About Rabbi Greenberg

Rabbi Heschel Greenberg

Rabbi Greenberg is the founder and director of the Jewish Discovery Center. Rabbi Greenberg has been lecturing on all facets of Judaism for over thirty-five years.They include Jewish law, philosophy, history, Kabbalah, Chassidism and Biblical Studies. Rabbi Greenberg is an internationally renowned Judaic scholar, author of several books and of hundreds of scholarly and popular articles. Rabbi Greenberg has reached and touched the lives of tens of thousands of Jews and non-Jews through his weekly TV program and the thousands of hours he has spent teaching and lecturing.

About the Institute for Jewish Studies

The Institute for Jewish Studies

The Institute for Jewish Studies is a program designed for every Jewish adult who wants to know more, but who is tired of repetitive, introductory classes and is intimidated by classes that sound too advanced. The Institute for Jewish Studies is a innovative program that respects your intelligence and taste for excellence in education. In a non-judgmental environment, the Institute for Jewish Studies will educate, challenge, and fascinate you with the beauty and depth that is the treasure of our Jewish heritage.

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